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Lesson-Lunch-Links Every Wednesday @ 11am



Join us for lessons, lunch, and a round of golf!


Begin your day at 11 a.m. with a one hour session instructed by Adam Brack or Cody Creel of the Ad...




After School Junior Program Monday, Wednesday, and Thursda



After-school programs are for ages 5-14 from beginners to experienced.  We break the programs into age group and ability so your junior is training with similar experience.  One thing that s...




Great Value Winter Coaching



This coaching program is a first for Adam Brack and is very excited to bring this type of program to his Winter Guests.  The coaching will run from December to April and cover all facets of the g...




Winter Coaching Week One, On the Green



On the Green will be a two part series,  For this first class of the series you will learn about putters, is the one you currently use the right one for you.  Secondly, are you holding the p...




Winter Coaching Week Two, On the Green Part Two



 Part Two will do a quick recap of Week 1, making sure you have been practicing correctly.  Part Two will talk about green reading, how to make more putts inside of 10', and some games a...






About Us


Adam Brack and his staff are well known in the industry for the elite level of expertise they bring to their golf lessons.


Customizing the golf lesson experience to each person's individual skills and needs is at the heart of what Adam Brack does. Through a thourough analysis of the swing and working through proper mechanics, we are able to see significant improvement in our golf lesson students.


Our golf academy does more than just have personalized golf lessons. We also offer corporate golf camps as well as junior golf lessons.


To find out more about the Adam Brack Golf Academy or the services we offer, click the link below or contact us at 850-814-7824.


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